Stick this in your noggin

Dear Noah and Moses,

Today, you are nine and three, and, boys, we’ve still got a looooooong way to go!

I need to make sure we understand each other. We can’t know if you will still look at me with those eyes so full of love and admiration (you gotta understand I live for that!) when we’re fighting about your curfew or when you’d rather spend Friday nights with your friends than with mom and dad. But I’ve seen families fall apart just because they couldn’t be honest with their feelings — somehow, it’s easier to lie and rage than to say I’m sorry or I love you. So, as we grow up together, I want you (and me) to remember how your daddy will always feel about you:

I will always worry and look out for you even as I know you must learn on your own. So tell me everything: how you’re doing, where you’re going, your friends’ names, phone numbers, addresses and social media accounts. I’ll never get tired of asking.

I will always doubt myself and the decisions I make for you. Having said that, doubt is no sign of weakness. You are free to tell me if you think I’m wrong, but calmly, please, so we can come to an understanding of what is best for you. Have faith in me.

I will always be in awe of you. Watching you grow up is incomparable. You guys level up better than any video game and you’re more fun than any comic book I’ve read and re-read. Growing up with you has been the greatest adventure!

I will prepare you for a life without me. Heck, that’s why I’ll keep telling you boys to 1. take care of each other, 2. be good to others and, 3. choose your friends carefully. Later, when I’ve learned how, I’ll teach you how to use your money wisely.

I will always love you. ’nuff said!


Noah & Moses



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