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You are my sunshine

Normally, I can’t get our 3-year old, Moses to sit still long enough for a brief conversation. But music’s our thing — he used to love it when I played my old songs on the turntable to put him to sleep — so I’ve recently started singing to him. It worked! At least for this video, I got him to be still for about a minute until he got distracted by himself.

Oh, Noah!


from thenourishinghome.com

from thenourishinghome.com

My friends know how forgetful I can be. It bothers me to see that quality in Noah, though. So, for days now, I’ve been badgering my 8-year old about how to plan his activities well so he does not forget things like his assignment notebook at school — this has become an upsetting, common occurrence lately. I suggested, during dismissal, before he runs out to play with his classmates, the first thing he should do is to make sure his homework notebook and other books are in his bag.
When I dropped him off at school after another talk yesterday morning, he kissed and hugged me. And as I was about to leave, he pulled me close and said:
Noah: “Daddy, I remember what you said!”
Me: “What?”
Noah: “I will plan so I don’t forget things!”
Me: “Cool!”
I felt so proud watching him walk into school. Wow, I got through to him finally, I thought!
And then I realized he left his lunchbox with me.