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Unboxing: Kotobukiya ArtFX DC Comics Big 3

I’m not ashamed of it: I really am a kid trapped in 39-year old body. I still daydream a lot, still love Jollibee, never stopped collecting comic books (though these days I just get them off the DC comics app) and Superman will always be my greatest idol.

It’s a joy to share my love for superheroes with my kids today. I teach them their greatest power is their imagination. See?

used to buy my comics every Wednesday from Filbar’s, Comic Quest, Druid’s Keep and Planet X — comic book shops where I would drool over toys and action figures after going through their back issue bins (very thoroughly). But I figured I already spent a lot on comics (about P500 to P1,000/week back then) so a toy collection would be too much for my wallet, plus, where else could I keep them? 

And then I saw that Kotobukiya had come out with a stunning ArtFX 1/6 collection featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (she would be released later), designed by Jim Lee, one of the best comic book creators today. I just had to get my hands on them.

Superman was the first to fall into my clutches. After some online sleuthing, all I had to do was call Hobime at (0917) 559 1885 and the owner, Mark, happily delivered my very first Koto figure to me in Makati within a few hours. I flew home faster than a speeding bullet to unbox:

The box features fantastic spectacular amazing Super (sorry, Marvel’s cornered too many superlatives!) cover art from Lee’s acclaimed “For Tomorrow” run on the comics.


Great Scott! He’s gorgeous!


Check out the bold colors and intricate detail! They all scream, “BUY ME!” And so I did for P5,500.


It IS an ‘S’ — for ‘stand’ made of plastic.

Superman got lonely because I couldn’t find Batman and it would be a few weeks until they released Wonder Woman. I got REALLY LUCKY when I stopped by Bestoys in Greenbelt one day and was told that she had just arrived that morning! At P6,500, she was more expensive than Superman.

Kal-El would finally have his Diana!

So I set out to free the amazing Amazon from her box prison. Carefully.

            Hera, help me, she’s perfect! Look at that skin — Vicki Belo would be proud! In the pre-New 52 retcon comics, she was made of clay. But this baby, like all Kotos, is made of beautifully-sculpted PVC. Like the gods made her, which is so New 52. Except her costume is from Kingdom Come. #Convergence, anyone? (sorry if this paragraph is confusing. Us comic book geeks are confused, too)


Regal, baby!

A day later, my lucky streak continued when I stopped by another toy store in Greenbelt (it was Christmas! I was shopping for my godkids!) called CSCentral.com. I found Batman (Black Costume edition) under boxes of other  Koto figures. Poor guy had been waiting for me there for a few months, I was told. I haggled for a discount, so I got this for a little over P6,000. The store’s closed since but you can look them up on Facebook.

Anyway, on to unboxing this dramatic sculpt of The Dark Knight!


Of all these three Kotos, Batman’s very dynamic, springing into action pose is my favorite. I also catch myself marveling (again, sorry) at the creases and torn detail of his cape.

So here they are. Three heroes, icons and legends who used to loom large but only in my imagination, brought to life by the skillful mastery of sculptor Kouei Matsumoto of Kotobukiya. They have never looked better, especially together. I’m a happy kid each time I see them.