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Baby, we ♥ you already


I have been unjustifiably remiss in updating this blog and I’d like to apologize. Not to the two or three people whose fancy I may have caught with my first few posts (but thanks for the encouragement, Teddy M, Jing L, Donna) but to my family. I put up this blog so one day, Nike, Noah and I can look back and easily remember moments well and wonderfully, meaningfully lived.

Sure, there’s my Facebook which I’ve filled with a gazillion anecdotes about my son’s inherited charm and wit, and of photos of weekend adventures few and far between. But there’s only so much you can share in a status update or an album. Fun as it is, Facebook’s like blogging for the lazy. Or the REALLY busy. 

So life’s given me a reminder. That, again, I must always be present in the moment, to remember that life isn’t and  always about work. That this life I live now isn’t solely my own — hasn’t been for awhile now, I keep forgetting — but my family’s. That ADHD and procrastinating aren’t becoming of a dad. And this reminder is slowly, steadily growing inside Nike’s tummy. In September, we’ll have another bundle of joy so we can yet again live the incomparable joys of parenthood that having Noah gave us.

Here it is, our first look at our baby’s beautiful, beating heart:

And from the sound of this video, we’re in for quite another ride. Little baby, it seems you’ve got a train for a ticker!

You’re already part of our family, so we’ve already got a name for you: Moses if you’re a boy, because maybe your dad’s got a messianic complex – you’ll find out soon enough. It’ll be so cool raising a Noah AND a Moses. Or Nina, if you’re a girl, after your great grandmother. She was a loving lola, a public school teacher who encouraged your dad’s love of reading by letting him sneak out books from their library. 

Either way, your mommy, kuya Noah and I will always love you.  We already do.

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms!