In 2012, we will…

Our parenting resolutions for 2012 were published in the Inquirer’s Lifestyle Parenting section today. Thanks to Pam Pastor for giving me 5 minutes to think of these. LOL.

“1. Spend more time with our kids, Noah and Moses.

2. Make sure Noah gets to school on time, all the time. That means up by 7 a.m., out of the house by 7:30 a.m.

3. Less time on the gaming consoles and Internet, more time for reading. Buy more books and less Transformers.

4. Organize and declutter our home.

5. Take more pictures and put them up on our family wall.

6. Blog about our family adventures more (

7. Swimming lessons for the kids this summer.

8. Draw up travel plans for 2013, our first trip out of the country as a family.

9. Let our kids be kids and make sure they enjoy their childhood.

10. Be more the persons we want our kids to be.”

—Mark Parlade and Nike Sevilla Lorenzo

Full article in What’s your New Year’s resolution as a parent?

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