Meet Crash Test Mommy

I don’t know how it happened. How could a gangly (then) geek (still) like me have scored a goddess like this?

Ok, so I couldn’t help it. I smiled, flirted (feebly) and maybe contrived a little. I told a close friend of hers I liked her, knowing she would eventually be told. And that’s how the goddess fell.

And nearly eleven years later, I still frequently find myself staring at her in bed asking what I could’ve done to deserve her. And I’ve certainly done a lot of things she could’ve justifiably left me for.

Yet, here she is. Tonight, she fell asleep in my arms, and our son, Noah on my chest, It’s the best feeling ever. (Then I snuck out for a cigarette and some TV) 

Thanks for standing by me, hon. I’d be lost without you and I wouldn’t be so driven if it weren’t for you and the family you’ve given me. I just really want to give you and the boys (and, fine, the beagle brigade!) a good life. I know I’m not always fun to be around, but we both know you’re the funny and caring one in this relationship. 

Photo by Jill Lejano

You were named well, Nike, my sweet goddess of victory, my exotic, erotic baby momma. I know it’s a little late (surprise, surprise) but happy mothers’ day!

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