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Guilt trip

I went on my first backpacking trip last week — I’m certain I’ll find the time to write about it here in this lifetime!
A temple run through Cambodia’s fabled Angkor Wat monuments, with my brother Andrei, was the adventure of a lifetime.
Still, there were times I felt guilty about traveling without my wife and sons. Even as I spoke to them on the phone every day, I couldn’t help but feel bad. I was having the time of my life learning about this ancient civilization and eating all that awesome streetfood, but…it just felt wrong not having them with me.
A local restaurant Phnom Penh gave me a chance to redeem myself.
One day, my sons will go off on their own adventures. If they happen by this awesome restaurant called Kabbas, which lets customers write reviews to tape on their wall, Noah and Moses will find a nice surprise shoutout from their dad.

It was a good meal alright, but I didn’t have time to write a long review as we were rushing to catch our bus to Ho Chi Minh.
But I know, wherever I am in the world, there’s always enough time to be a good dad.

Backpacking bro’s macho picture, penguin poop & planking in Antarctica

Stomping ground: Salar de Uyani, Bolivia

Last night, as Nike and I were scrambling to book a flight through Cebu Pacific’s Just for Fun for Every Juan P-1 Seat sale (ongoing until Jan 22, or while seats last), I finally received my brother, Oliver‘s photos (for the family wall) of his recent backpacking trip through South America, Antarctica, Egypt and then Turkey to visit our sister Valerie and her husband Capt. Josh.  I am so proud of him, and I won’t deny it, a little jealous, too.

Macho picture of Macchu Picchu


Chilling with the penguins in Antarctica

This is what penguin poop looks like, if you're interested to know. Fortified with a pungent ammonia scent!

Planking in Antarctica!


Khufu's pyramid, Egypt


Cappadocia with big sister Val and her husband, Josh

This definitely fans the flames of our wanderlust!