Monthly Archives: June 2012

Happy baby, dizzy daddy

Gave my new GoPro Hero camera — and baby Moses here — a spin last week. Looks like we’ll have a great time with this new toy. Here’s the regular speed version:

And a slow-moses (hehe) version for his grandmother who will probably want to savor this boy’s happiness:

Unfortunately, I forgot to replace its waterproof casing so you can’t really hear his delighted squeals.

Ah, Moses, when you and your kuya Noah are all grown up, I want you to remember that I’ll always lift you up so you can fly. Even if it makes me dizzy! LOL! And always remember to be this happy!

This thing I’m wearing on my head? I’m shooting you with it.

So I got a daddy’s day gift for myself today.
I got the GoPro HD Hero, a professional wearable HD camera from the Microwarehouse Mid-year Sale at Silver City, thinking it’d be perfect for documenting future adventures with Noah and Moses. And besides, tv production work was my first love and I’ve always loved shooting stuff. Heck, I could’ve used this when I was producing for Gameplan! Like when I did something like this at the X-Games in the late 90’s:

Anyway, I unboxed it tonight and it looks ahhhhhhhhsome! And don’t you just love the smell of a new toy? Just too many accessories and the manual’s too long for my ADHD but I can’t wait to use it tomorrow — after I buy a new SD card because it doesn’t come with one. Manual says 32gb name brand SD or SDHC cards are ideal.
I might also have to buy a helmet to mount it on, since, trying it on with the headstrap makes me look dorkier than usual. But with Wolverine’s hair! Ok, even more dorky than usual.
It’s a very light photo/video camera even with its own waterproof casing. You can also buy additional accessories like a chest harness, waterproof wrist housing or mounts for a surfboard or a bike to shoot awesome POVs. Go to their website to see just how much fun you can have with it. I think it’s just perfect for a young dad like me who’s looking forward to shooting a life of adventure with his sons. In HD. There’s something to be said here about seeing things from a new perspective.

Or at least it’ll make for fun videos I can blackmail you with, say I catch you picking your nose. Crashtestdaddy will be watching and shooting.

Gotta go. Have a manual to read and a new toy to play with. Happy Fathers’ Day!