This made my day

Noah was trying to drag me inside his classroom when I dropped him off at school this morning. “Come with me, daddy!” he kept saying over and over as he tugged on my arm. But I was going to be late for work so I had to break out of his grip to kiss him a quick goodbye. Then his principal came along and volunteered to bring him inside.

The moment I let go of his hand, I knew right away I let him down, but I didn’t know why. So I turned around, went to the window to wave and smile at him one more time.

Noah’s face lit up and excitedly motioned for his classmates to look. And then they all suddenly started waving and mouthing words I couldn’t hear through the glass. Even the ones who were usually too shy to say hello went nuts.

I still didn’t know why.

Until I got inside the car and I looked down at my shirt. Then I realized, they were saying hi to “Green Lantern”…

…and that my son just wanted to show off his super-hero.

Wait ’til “Superman” shows up next week!

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