Our yaya needs a textmate

I came back from vacation tonight to find out Yaya A left yesterday to tend to something urgent and has not returned though she promised Nike she’d be back this morning.

So Yaya B lent me her phone (nice of her, I thought) so I could get Yaya A’s number and text her what’s up. Of course, I needed to know if anything happened to her or if she just wanted to ditch us.

But then, while looking for Yaya A’s phone number, I accidentally saw sext messages sent out by Yaya B to MANY different guys — graphic, filthy, bad porn movie lines! She’s led them to believe she’s a pretty young thing (she MMS-ed photos of caucasian models, with come ons in Tagalog and Ilocano — gawd there’s one born every minute) named Cindy in her 20’s, but she’s actually a mild-mannered, bible-toting lola in her mid-50’s. Never actually seen her read it, though.

Yaya A is definitely out. I already called her agent to ask for a replacement. If she does come back by 7 am tomorrow, which I asked her to do through text because my I couldn’t understand what she was saying through the line, and from the laughter and music in the background, it didn’t seem like there was really any ’emergency’ — she’ll find her stuff at the village guard house.

Jury’s still out on closet nympho Yaya B. But maybe I shouldn’t judge? That’s her business. She works hard, cooks well, doesn’t complain. But then I don’t know just how schizo she is — and it’s always the quiet ones! Anyway, I don’t feel comfortable having her around. What if one of her victims found out he’s been taken for a ride and came gunning for her? You hire a maid and you hire her baggage — that includes husbands or/and boyfriends, even sextmates. Sheesh. It’s getting harder and harder to find good help these days.

Sigh. These two were supposed to replace to a real good yaya we lost last month — we lost her to her girlfriend.

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